Here you can find out more about some of the people who Stråla and are inspired to share with you a bit about themselves.

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Adrian Bellwood

Healer, GP, runner and adventurer who lives in Chester, UK

“I am Adrian. I had no understanding of what Stråla was until 2018. I have always enjoyed aerobic activities, such as distance running on all terrains.  In addition I feel compelled to have to walk everywhere I can. I dabbled a little bit with yoga. I was very fortunate that Esther brought Stråla to my local sports centre. From the start I rediscovered the joy of exploring movement. An hour and a half class would fly by and leave me feeling very happy and relaxed. It felt similar to running but without the stress on the body.  The more I have explored the more I have got out of it and now it is a regular part of my daily life.  


As a General Practitioner I see how patterns of thinking can lead to illness and also how patterns of movement can be unhelpful on our bodies. Stråla has given me a nice framework to explore the rich tapestry of movement that lies dormant in us all waiting to be rediscovered. It is so much fun and feels wonderful.  It has helped me break out of habits. I am moving more freely with more awareness and enjoying every bit.  This is now my lifelong practice. I have attended intensive training in Berlin and will definitely be aiming towards becoming a guide when time permits.”