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Here I share a bit of yesterday’s practice with you. I was feeling a bit stuck in my body (when I sit down my left side gets blocked easily and sciatica kicks in) after a couple of hours writing. I also noticed quite a bit of tension creeping as I was reading the updates my family shared from Spain. So, I took a break, went to the studio and filmed a bit to share with you all, and I felt much better. Hope this helps you too!

Brief chat and meditation below. I guess I am going to save you the details that you already know, the information overload is not good for us! I am just updating the website and having fun making new little videos to keep connected with our local community. Of course anyone from anywhere is super welcome to join too! This is the first one, just a brief chat about how I deal with anxiety, a continuous practice… I do not have a magic recipe or ingredient to ignore a very natural response, but I can share with you what helps me feel better. I generally prefer action and lots of movement. When I am stressed, what helps me most is to feel strong with a vigorous practice, but sometimes it is not the best thing to do. If you feel a bit depleted, just sitting comfortably, avoiding technology and connecting to your breath for a bit makes your tummy rumble (= gets your relaxation response on!). Ok, no more rumbling and let’s practice together!

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My personal journey with #core (Supporting healing after pregnancy (diastasis recti and pelvic floor))

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