How can I help?

The easiest way, with online practice here.

I would like to share with you what I have learnt to support you on your own self-discovery journey. I will try to keep it simple, talking from my personal experience healing through movement.

What we do everyday, for good and for bad, becomes a habit quite quickly (I heard it’s 21 days!). So, do good things for you everyday, your body and mind will pay you back with high interests.

The benefits of a regular practice

With commitment and effort, soon you will start noticing the benefits of a regular practice: a huge sense of self-awareness. You will become more balanced and grounded, you will find a healthy equilibrium of strength and flexibility, you will feel lighter, calmer, more focused and creative, you will boost your immune system, your body will open up with a sense of spaciousness inside while your range of movement will gradually grow. The benefits expand from here, you will naturally shift your food choices to satisfy what your body needs. You will become your own doctor. It will eventually have a ripple effect in all what’s around you, your family, your friends and your job.

But remember, the key is in the HOW; we get what we practice. Practice easy and you will gradually see these benefits in a never ending learning process, getting to know you. Practice tension, and it will stick inside you, maybe subtly initially, but likely leading in the longer term to frustrations, limitations and injuries.

How and where to start

Although it might seem daunting where to start, the reality is that you just need yourself, yoga is about you!

Start for taking some time for yourself to practice easygoing movement everyday, as often as you can. Find a nice spot where it is easy for you to be comfortable, the floor is a good place to start, you don’t even need a mat. Bring the attention to your breath and the sensations in your body, get to feel you. Respond to what you feel, letting your body lead your way. If you find yourself wondering what to do, try crawling, walking around the floor in all force is one of the best things you can do for your back.

There are a huge amount of resources out there to help you, classes, workshops, retreats and events.

If you are nearby, come and drop by for a taster! Check out the classes available (

There are also some YouTube videos to give you ideas for practicing at home (Esther Tuñón).

Let me know how you get on!